Thursday, April 9, 2009

Teething, venting, siblings

Well, yesterday Kadie's sitter called and said she was not feeling well. Well, I got her home and she had a 103 temp. She doesn't have a cold or anything like that so I have a feeling she is teething. A lot of times when a baby starts to get some serious teeth in they get a fever. So I was up with her from 4 a.m. on. She was so uncomfortable. 

I have to vent about the girl that commented on my skirt the other day. Well, she has on stockings today. I am talking a very tight shirt, with a black short skirt and black stockings and flats. Which on some this would be an okay outfit, however on her....not so much. The whole office is talking about how horrible it looks. Which makes me laugh because as well all know "she knows fashion" BS. 

I am really stressed out about this weekend. Because Gerre and my brother in law had a falling out and now they both are mad at each other and think that the other one should apologize. Gerre doesn't want to be in the same room with him and josh says "well, if he would just apologize" well, here is the thing. I believe Josh should apologize on this one. He has done some pretty bad stuff to my family and done some really crappy things to my sister. I am so stressed because my mom wants to have Easter lunch at her house and they both are mad at each other. And then I am afraid if I tell Gerre to come then Josh will say something that sets him off (which he does a lot) and then there is a fight. I hate this. Why can't everyone just get along. I know this happens in every family but it is really irritating. I also hate it for Kadie because I don't want her daddy to miss events just because of Josh. THIS SUCKS. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bad Mood

Why is it when you wake up cranky it follows you through the day? Why can't you just snap your fingers and be in a good mood. (I actually tried this method). And then I thought maybe if I get some dt.Dp in me that I will be better......NOPE. I am just cranky. Everyone in the office says I am cranky. I am so cranky that I had a hair apt at 4:00 and because I didn't want to make conversation I cancelled and rescheduled. How pathetic is that? I just don't feel like making conversation with my hair stylist and seeing that I need it highlighted I will have to be there for 3 hours.....NOT HAPPENING TODAY. See I am just cranky. 

Monday, March 23, 2009

On Hold.........

So I looked on our account today and there is a charge from Norton AntiVirus for 49.99. It says annual fee. Well, here is the funny thing.....we don't have Norton. Gerre used to about 2 years ago on his laptop and I have a mac so I don't have it. So not a big deal right????? WRONG. I called to tell them to take the charge off, however I have been on hold for 50 minutes and still going. I have yet to speak to a person........I am so irritated. I don't understand why it has taken so long but I am soooooooo NOT happy. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sleep deprived

I am so tired today. This weekend Gerre got sick and then so did Kadie. So I had to take care of both kids. I am super tired today. I ended up taking off work yesterday because Gerre was home sick and so was Kadie. Kadie had a temp and has a bad cough. She didn't want to go to sleep lastnight and then when she did she woke up coughing every hour and then that would make her cry. It was a long night. Not to mention that Gerre was sick which means, coughing and snoring and then he woke up about 4 times sweating to death. He had a humidifier next to his bedside and that was making him sweat really bad. He would wake up and have a nightmare and the bed would be covered in sweat. Needless to say I am sleep deprived. 

There is a student that works in our office that is so annoying. I am seriously going to pull my hair out with her today. She will come in my office and just sit and tell me stupid stories about her and who the hell knows who else. I am so tired of her coming in here and just TALKING. She talks and talks and talks. Even when I get on the phone she sits here and waits until I get off the phone. So today I have my door closed so that she wont come bother me because I am NOT in the mood for her today. She saw that my door was closed so she asked my boss "is carrie here today?" my boss said yes, she is just in there with the door shut. So what did the student do you ask????? she kept paging me and then she sent me a text and called me. She wanted to know if I was in here and if she could come in......really, get a clue. UGGH. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Great Balls of Fire & Spaghetti O's

So I am addicted to fireballs. So much that I went to sams at lunch and got a big tub of 200 fireballs! They are so good. Everyone in the office keeps coming down to my office to get one because they are addicting. 

So I have to tell my funny story about Sunday morning. I went to Walmart first thing in the morning leaving Gerre and Kadie at home. I called on my way home and said "did you feed her breakfast yet?" He said "yep, doing it now" So I got home and sure enough he was feeding her he fed her is another story. She got pear/strawberry granola stuff, pears and spaghetti-o's.  All I could do was laugh. She was eating them! Of course she is going to eat them....she doesn't know any better and that that is not breakfast. I asked him why he would feed that to her and he said "well, that is what was in the fridge." Typical man for you. 

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Learning- Okay well....I am learning how to do this whole blogging thing. I am not sure about this. I am going to try and update this with some fun stories! We will see how it goes. 

So today I came into work and on my way to my office I had several people say "you look cute today, I really like that skirt" well, it is a leopard print. Well, this one particular person said "carrie, leopard print....really? We don't work on a sex in the city set...." Well, it really irritated me because this is not the person that should give advice on clothing......NOT AT ALL. All I could say, because I am at work and had to keep it professional is "well, you gotta wear what's in your closet." Seriously...........come on.......way to piss me off before even 8:30 a.m.